Robotic Solutions for Sustainable Farming

We envision sustainable food production made possible by autonomous farming robots

The Problem

Herbicide Sprayer

Herbicides are essential to ensure adequate crop yields, and require substantial consumption of energy and natural resources for their production, distribution and application. On top of that, there are growing concerns that remains of herbicides might end up in the human food chain and affect well being.

Our solution eliminates the requirement to use herbicides, therefore contributes to the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable form of agriculture.

Our Solution

Our solution is a robot which autonomously drives through the field, recognises weeds from crops, and mechanically removes weeds.

Guided by artifical intelligence the robot controls an in-house build removal system towards weed plants whilst avoiding accidental damage to the crop plants. A mechanical end-effector removes the weed plants.

Later on the robot is also expected to detect pests and diseases, lack of nutrients, growth stage, damage from weather events and other information that can add value to the users, either directly or through third party providers

AI Computer Vision Detection Overlay for Camera Image of Ground
AI Computer Vision Detection Overlay for Camera Image of Ground

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, geoecology and UX design, heavily supported by local farmers. The combination of our skillsets allows us to combine state of the art technologies into new robotic applications, redefining what’s possible.

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